Villa della torre
Facets of the villa


The entire structure revolves around the courtyard or Peristyle, the true ‘heart of the house’. As in the ‘domus antiqua’ or ancient Roman house, it welcomed a host of elite guests eager to experience the best of humanist leisure activities, such as poetry, music, classical literature and the contemplation of nature.

The fireplaces

The Fireplaces: the startling gargoyle-like figures (Devil, Angel, Fish or Sea Monster and Lion) that adorn the rooms of the Villa, are huge zoomorphic fireplaces, tributes to the force and beauty of fire: animated by grotesque, ironic spirits, they portray life-like animal features

The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors, a room which underwent considerable renovation in the 18th century, still bears some original bronze medallion-portraits featuring Classical artists and poets, probably the work of the Villa’s owner, Giulio della Torre.

The Fish Pond

The Fish Pond, another Romanesque masterpiece, is a reminder of the importance of water at the Villa as a true life-giving force, able to satisfy the irrigation needs of the formal gardens, lawns and flower beds, as well as to entertain visitors with its marvelous fountains.


The Nymphaeum or Cave of Mysteries, with its circular structure and octagonal base, has an external facade entirely covered with rocks that form a gigantic, terrifying mask-like face. The inner walls were originally completely decorated with elements from the natural world such snails, shells, pebbles from nearby rivers, quartz fragments and sponges and traces of these are still visible today.

Small chapel

His authorship would be enough to bestow historical and artistic significance to the structure, but this part of the Villa, complete with a perfectly preserved bell tower, represents a lofty attempt to reach a harmonious accord between the outer walls and the inner structure, and to give the entire complex an extraordinary, theatre-like scenic effect.

Jupiter Ammon

The Temple Dedicated to Jupiter Ammon, which looks out over the Palazzo della Torre vineyard, has at the centre of its domed ceiling, an extraordinary head representing Jupiter Ammon. The positioning of this precious artefact and the temple itself at the highest point of the entire Villa complex represents a tribute to the Ancient world and its culture.