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May 14, 2021

Villa Della Torre: two new wines

Fumane di Valpolicella (VR), May 14, 2021 - Two new wines exclusively for guests, a gourmet tavern, open-air lunch and dinner in the Renaissance peristyle, customized tours and tastings in the rose garden. Villa Della Torre expands its offer and caters for food and wine enthusiasts in search of unique experiences.


The Villa complex, a jewel of the Italian Renaissance designed by Giulio Romano and Michele Sanmicheli, was purchased in 2008 by Marilisa Allegrini, who transformed it into a Wine&Art Relais. 

“At last Villa Della Torre once again opens its doors to lovers of culture, wine and signature cuisine” says the director Giancarlo Mastella. “We thought, at this very moment, to offer our customers, both Italian and foreign tourists, visitors from Verona and nearby cities, new possibilities to meet and discover, starting as always from the unique environment in which Villa Della Torre is nestled. Hence the customized itineraries, new spaces for dining and tasting our wines in the 16th-century atmosphere, the opening of the garden and peristyle, and the tavern that is transformed into an elegant bistro”.

Here, guests can taste the two new ‘Villa Della Torre’ signature wines: Valpolicella Classico Superiore and Lugana, guided by the young winemaker Tobia Cenzato, fresh from experiences in important Italian, Californian and French wineries. 

“This project came about in response to a request from our customers” says Caterina Mastella, marketing director of Villa Della Torre. With my parents and my sister Carlotta, we have created an experience reminiscent of French chateaux: the Valpolicella Classico Superiore comes from the vineyards surrounding the Renaissance villa, while in Lugana Villa Della Torre manages ten hectares in the municipality of Desenzano. Soon we will also be able to count on the recently planted Monte Lencisa and Monte Fumana parcels, also in the municipality of Fumane. For 2019, the production is truly exclusive and counts just a few thousand bottles, with the wines now on sale exclusively in our Wineshop on site and online”.

Naturally, the ten suites named after Renaissance personalities who contributed to the splendor of Villa Della Torre, the tastings, show cooking classes, walks and picnics in the vineyard are all available to our guests.