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Villa Della Torre per Palazzo Te

Two masterpieces, two cities, and two wines that unite them.

Seemingly worlds apart due to the distance separating Fumane and Mantua, Villa Della Torre and Palazzo Te are profoundly linked by the genius of Giulio Romano and a long history spanning the centuries.


A fertile alliance emerged from the multiple and significant similarities that unite the two Renaissance masterpieces: two unprecedented wines, a Valpolicella and a Lugana with labels illustrating two of the most famous frescos in Palazzo Te: the Chamber of the Giants and the Chamber of Cupid and Psyche. Two wines that are symbols of ancient tales and the offsprings of a collective, refined sense of beauty.

Chamber of the Giants

To underpin the great commitment and fertile collaboration between the two entities, Villa Della Torre – a monument but also a Valpolicella winery owned by the Mastella Allegrini family – chose to embellish the limited edition of its Valpolicella Classico Superiore, produced with grapes from the vineyards surrounding the Villa, with an illustration of the fresco of the Chamber of the Giants in Palazzo Te. The resulting wine is called ‘Camera dei Giganti’ Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC.


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Chamber of Cupid and Psyche

Villa Della Torre and Fondazione Palazzo Te confirm the deep and synergic bond that sees them partners in a joint project dedicated to the enhancement of cultural heritage. Therefore, just one year on from the presentation of the wine ‘Camera dei Giganti’, the wine ‘Camera di Amore e Psiche’ has been released. Born in the heart of Lugana (Desenzano del Garda), it has been dressed for the occasion, wearing a dedicated art label. 


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