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Colle della Fumana

According to studies by the Centro di Documentazione per la Storia della Valpolicella, the top of the hill of Fumane was home to a medieval castle which, during the Renaissance period, became the site chosen to provide supplies to the noble Della Torre family. Thanks to these historical documents, we gained the authorization needed to restore the agronomic parcel of the hill, dedicating it to the cultivation of the vine. It is not a densely planted area but the rows of vines alternate with majestic cypress trees and beautiful oaks.

The hill is surrounded by Renaissance walls and for the guest of Villa Della Torre, it represents a wonderful opportunity to visit a nature trail, which is also a magnificent example of biodiversity. The parcel has been planted with guyot training since 2018, the soil is stony, poor in organic matter and rich in limestone, and the grape varietals are mainly Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella.