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Our recent project in the Lugana area is in the Municipality of Desenzano del Garda. Here, nature exhibits the wonderful combination of the natural environment and areas modified by man: the river, the moraine lakes, the cultivated fields, and the woods alternate with vineyards cultivated with love and care. The area enjoys a particularly mild microclimate which, throughout the winter, harnesses the slow release of heat stored by the basin of Lake Garda in the summer. This phenomenon fosters the wintering of many species of birds that are rarely found at these latitudes. Various stretches of the river host an unspoiled landscape where moraine reliefs alternate with flat surfaces. 

In this important natural jewel of biodiversity, Villa Della Torre manages ten hectares of vineyards dedicated exclusively to the production of Lugana, one of the most representative white wines among Italy’s most outstanding wine production. Our vineyard is located on the furthest margin of the vast morainic amphitheater that encloses Lake Garda to the south and borders the bed of the Fiocazzola watercourse, the area’s precious drainage network that flows, a little further down, into the river Mincio. The cultivation of the vineyard is conducted sustainably via the use of organic fertilizers and irrigation systems aimed at reducing water waste. This eco-friendly approach preserves biodiversity in the vineyard and also underpins respect for the territory and all the natural factors that determine its uniqueness. The grape varietal used to produce Lugana is called Turbiana. It has a medium-sized bunch and berries with a rather thick skin, covered with bloom. Its hallmarks are a fine range of aromas and lively acidity. The bunch is elongated and pyramidal in shape with rather compact wings.