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Villa Della Torre

The vineyard of Villa Della Torre, reflecting the concept of a French-style Chateau, surrounds the Renaissance Villa; the site is located just outside the town of Fumane near the main (provincial) road that climbs up to the hill. The soils in this part of Valpolicella Classica consist of both the disintegration of calcareous-dolomitic formations, basalts and morainal and fluvial deposits of volcanic origin that are diversely able to supply water to the vines in the various stages of development and growth of the leaf apparatus and during the ripening phase.

The soil in the vineyards of Villa Della Torre is characterized by very important and different compositions: the surface layer has a thin effective topsoil depth with good Eocene calcareous clay content, while the deep layers reveal evident white and pale blue sedimentary chalk and marl. The vineyard is located at an altitude of about 200 m a.s.l. and enjoys east/south-east exposure. The vineyard was completely renovated in 2014 introducing guyot training and plant density of 4,545 vines per hectare. Corvinone is the predominant grape variety among those selected for cultivation, as it confers great finesse and an extraordinary qualitative balance to the wine. Its name derives from the fact that both the bunch and the berries are larger than those of Corvina. Corvina, on the other hand, exhibits interesting spicy and mineral nuances, good acidity and structure and is distinguished by elegant tannins that yield overall harmony and excellent concentration.