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The Wines of
Villa Della Torre

Since 2019, Villa Della Torre has also been a winery. The project is based on the enhancement of two areas with a strong identity, both of which are supremely well suited to winemaking: Valpolicella Classica and Lugana. The first, Valpolicella, has a wealth of magnificent grapes and fine wines and has been celebrated since ancient times. The period between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries gave rise to the Venetian Villas, with their vegetable gardens and orchards called broli, where the best grapes were grown for the exclusive use of the rich owners, bringing about major changes and a softening of the entire landscape. 

Clear testimony, and one of the first signs of these changes, is Villa Della Torre, a successful combination of the love of agriculture, beauty and art. In the second area, Lugana, the cultivation of the vine benefits from the precious ecosystem of Lake Garda with its harmonious and well-balanced nature reserves. A young, close-knit and eager team of agronomists and winemakers work in and oversee both winegrowing areas, treading the ‘sustainable’ path of biodiversity. All this is synonymous with Villa Della Torre, a hub of hospitality, surrounded by an exquisite rural landscape. Its wines underpin this concept: they are linked to their noble history but also projected into the future, being elegant, complex, graceful and enveloping.